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Composer/Arranger/Music Producer

Decades of experience in music composition & production

Versatile composer skilled in many styles and genres

MIDI expert proficient with computer & audio technology, recording and CD mastering

Contributes originality, flexibility and creative energy to all projects 


From Cosmic Dust

Home & Love

Earth Music

Virtual Harmonics

Cosmic Consciousness

Number Eleven: The Path 


Time Shadows

In Praise of Poets

The Art of MIDI Sequencing

Moon Festival

Rebel Planet


The Golden Mean

Kairotic Offerings



Gumby, The Movie, animated feature, (Premavision)

Teaching Math in the Classroom, educational aid (Focal Point Productions)

Cool Water Report, industrial information (Nolan Productions)

The TIP System, industrial information (Nolan Productions)

Bullfights A Go-Go, comedy (Drew McKeen Productions)

Cumberland Hospital, promotional documentary (Woody Clark Productions)

Planned Parenthood, industrial video (Quartet Film & Video)

The Whole World is Watching, promotional video (Ketchum Communications)



The Adventures of Gumby, 33 half hour episodes (Lorimar Telepictures, Warner Brothers)

Water Wars--The Battle of Mono Lake, (Eric Sevareid Award, Taylor-Wohlfeiler Productions)

The Twilight Zone, synthesizer programmer (Merl Saunders Productions)


Loom, audio drama for computer game (Lucasfilm Games)

Troubadours: Eyes of the Heart, music for CD-ROM (Amuse Interactive Learning Environments)

Carmen Sandiego, soundtrack for promotional video (Broderbund Software)

Championship Pool, video game music (Nintendo)

Club Drive, video game music (Atari)

NCAA Final Four, Super-Nintendo music soundtrack (Bitmasters)

Music for CD-ROM, (Amuse Interactive Learning Environments)

Pool Shark, music for Sony Play-Station and PC platforms (Mindscape)

Computer Music, an Interactive Documentary, contributor to CD-ROM for University of California at Santa Cruz (Digital Studios)


Music for Dance

Two commissions for Gary Palmer Dance Company

Commission for Lucas Hoving Dance Company 


Recordings & Distribution

Albany Music Distribution agreement to distribute Ottava Records recordings

Distribution agreement with IndieRhythm.com for Ottava Records

Distribution agreement with Tower Records for Ottava Records

Distribution agreement with CD Baby.com for CD distribution on Ottava Records

Distribution agreement with World-Wide Music.com

Distribution with Electronic Music Foundation

Guest Lecturer/Consultant/Instructor/Related Services

Participant in Panel Discussion at Center for New Music: Recording on a Budget

 Beyond the MIDI Mockup presented at the 2014 NAMM show

Engineer voice-over narration for Kizoom

Engineer voice-over narration for documentary film

Creator of the Beyond the MIDI Mockup workshop at the San Francisco Center for New Music

Sequence & produce vocal/orchestral music for composer Paul Scherer

Sequence & produce chamber orchestra pieces for arranger Peter Adams

Private instructor of composition, harmony, counterpoint, orchestration, electronic music production in San Francisco at my home studio

Guest speaker at Talking House Recording Studios

Engineer voice-over narration for Lisa K. Buchanan

Engineer voice-over narration for radio spot

Electronic music production and composition, San Francisco Conservatory of Music

Lecturer for Film Music Network at the San Francisco Art Institute

MIDI and classical music at the Sacramento New American Music Festival

Music scoring & production, Western Public Radio

Composition and electronic music at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music electronic music class

Music scoring & production at Film Arts Foundation

Synthesizer operation, Leuenberger/Yamaha

Sound sampling and editing, Sense8

Instructor of MIDI orchestration at Computers and Music in San Francisco  


Bachelor of Music, composition and classical music theory from San Francisco State University

Jazz Studies, arranging, harmony at Grove School of Music in Los Angeles

Private Studies in composition with composers David Ahlstrom, Matt Doran, Alex Post and Wayne Peterson

Professional Affiliations


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