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Jerry Gerber

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The Darker Side of Light (2023)

Symphony #12 for the Virtual Orchestra
Quartet for Virtual Strings

"I truly believe that this is your best album to date because it incorporates so much of what you have explored and crafted in your previous albums and demonstrates how elevated and sophisticated MIDI compositions can sound when composed by the medium’s preeminent composer."

Jacqueline Kharouf, Fanfare Magazine

From Cosmic Dust (2022)

Nine Hymns on Spiritual Life
Virtual Concerto for Oboe & Digital Ensemble

 "Gerber composes in a fluent, highly accessible, tuneful and expressive idiom, brimming with vitality and momentum."

Ken Meltzer, Fanfare Magazine

Home and Love (2021)

Symphony #11
Home and Love
Body Politics
Hymn to the Divine

"Jerry has always shown an extraordinary sensibility in orchestrating for conventional symphonic instruments alongside virtual electronic ones that arguably has no equal."

David Baer, SoundBytes Magazine

5 stars - Digitally Rendered Symphony Explores the Possibilities of Classical Music for the Digital Age


Jacqueline Kharouf, Fanfare



Earth Music (2019)

Symphony #10
In Time There Will Be No Time
Three Short Piano Pieces

there is no doubt that there is much beauty in the second movement, “Quicksilver,” and much skill also."

Colin Clarke, Fanfare Magazine

Virtual Harmonics (2015)

Symphony #9
More than Matter
Lucid: Dream For
Song to the Universe

"...the pieces succeed because he is a remarkably inventive composer whose original conceptions are as fully integrated as any worthy acoustic music."

David Reffkin

Cosmic Consciousness (2013)

Five Pieces for Virtual Instruments
Symphony #8

5 Stars: Two compelling works by Jerry Gerber featuring computer generated instruments

Ken Meltzer, Fanfare

Number Eleven: The Path (2011)

Music for Twelve Instruments
Small Matters
The Galaxies
Symphony #7

Tokafi :  "...The eleventh in a series of orchestral albums using entirely sampled instruments, it brings together elements of Classical era-writing, late Romantic orchestral music and American minimalism with a cinematic sensibility. The record not only demonstrates the powerful and masterful application of sampled instruments, but, at least as importantly, showcases Gerber’s versatile and emotive writing."

Waves (2008)

Windy Hop
Particle Play
String Theory
Speaking in Tones
Concerto for Clarinet & Virtual Instruments
The Journey
The Calling
A Shift in Consciousness

Time Shadows (2007)

Symphony #6

Tokafi: "...Symphony #6, is a work of furious dynamics, of great plasticity and dramatic effects. In its cinematic opening movement, springing forth from a swelling string chord, the music charges between pastoral beauty and nightly sensuality, held together by a recurring motive of quickly ascending lines and pointed beats."

In Praise of Poets (2004)

Lament to the Spirit of War
Prayer for a Marriage
The Power of Love
A Noiseless Patient Spider
Unending Love
A Ritual to Read to Each Other
O Karma, Dharma, Pudding
Dulce et Decorum Est
The Peace of Wild Things
This World is Not Conclusion
As Once the Winged Energy

The Art of MIDI Sequencing (2003)

Symphony #5
Essay for Virtual Orchestra

Electronic Music Foundation: "Jerry Gerber is well known for his talent and skill in emulating an acoustic orchestra with electronically-generated sounds. He does it so well, in fact, that the results he gets are unique. His music has an emotional and poetic punch and his sounds make great sense together in terms of traditional orchestration. The compositions on this CD are 'Symphony No. 5' (2002) and 'Essay for Virtual Orchestra' (2001). As Dennis Báthory-Kitsz points out, 'The symphony's masterpiece is Gravity/Zero-Gravity, a coloristic chronicle ...' Gerber animates the technology into producing something quintessentially human."

Moon Festival (2002)

Five Songs on the Poetry of Tu Fu
Suite for the Virtual Piano

Electronic Music Foundation: "Jerry Gerber is so great at what he does that you're missing something amazing if you don't listen to this CD. He uses MIDI instruments to compose for orchestra, and he's such a master of a virtual musical world you're completely unaware it's electronic. But, then, there's nothing virtual about his music. It's real. And it's beautiful. His superb 'virtual orchestra' compositions include a multi-movement chamber setting of Chinese poetry with sounds of traditional Chinese instruments. There's also a suite for piano sounds. His style is romantic. His sounds are beautiful and expressive. Don't miss it."

Rebel Planet (2001)

Symphony #4 for the Virtual Orchestra
Sonata for Virtual Cello & Piano

Electronic Music Foundation: "Is that a real orchestra in his studio? Believe him when he says Jerry Gerber's 'Symphony #4 for the Virtual Orchestra is so artfully done, so musically sensitive and convincing, that it emerges as one of the finest examples of     electronic orchestration that there is. Gerber has a fine musical ear and considerable skills in translating instrumental concepts to electronic media. Other compositions on the CD include 'Prelude' (1980) and 'Fugue' (1980) for MIDI piano. And 'Sonata for Virtual Cello & Piano' (1982) is an electronic realization of a work originally composed for acoustical instruments. The production, which means composition, orchestration, MIDI programming, recording and mastering, is by Jerry Gerber. This is a very impressive CD!"

Regeneration (2000)

Symphony #3
Vision & Prayer

Electronic Music Foundation: "The sounds that Gerber has chosen portray his music with a sense of presence and realism. He is a master of MIDI orchestration..."

The Golden Mean (1999)

Symphony #2
O Night
The Sacred Forest
Her Love
Nature's Way
Little Song
For Emily

Kairotic Offerings (1997)

Symphony #1
Flute Concerto
Violin Concerto

20th Century Music, June 1998: "Jerry Gerber’s "Kairotic Offerings" are well-organized essays in the wonders of digital technology..."

Ottava (1997)

Selected works by four composers:
Alexis Alrich
Jerry Gerber
Michael Kaulkin
John McGinn

Robert Firpo-Cappiello: "Jerry Gerber is a master of orchestration..."

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